Other Dog Grooming Services

Stress-less grooming is my #1 priority

In my salon there are no holding crates, the dogs run free, and play with either the toys or other dogs. They can just chill on a bed or armchair until Mum or Dad arrives to pick them up. The emphasis in my salon is stress-less grooming. I like to think that the dogs I groom enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy grooming them.

All dogs are welcome

I groom all dogs from a Chihuahua, a Mountain dog, or a Great Dane. No dog is too small or too big. All dogs, regardless of size, need to be professionally groomed and I am happy to do it! If your dog is a bit shy or timid, I will make sure that he or she is the only one in the salon, so that the grooming experience is a pleasant one. For the social dogs, I will book the appointment on one of the two days that my assistant is working.

Listed below are some of the other services I offer, in addition to a full and mini groom.

  • Bath Only: This includes a nail trim and ear clean. This does not include brushing out matted dogs but this can be done at an additional cost. A flea bath is also available if needed.
  • Face Tidy: A trim around the face.
  • Nail Tidy: All nails trimmed.
  • Brush Out: This is specifically for matted dogs.
  • Flea Bath: You can get this by itself if you don’t want a full or mini groom.