Dog Grooming

Stress-less grooming is my #1 priority

In my salon there are no holding crates, the dogs run free, and play with either the toys or other dogs. They can just chill on a bed or armchair until Mum or Dad arrives to pick them up. The emphasis in my salon is stress-less grooming. I like to think that the dogs I groom enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy grooming them.

All dogs are welcome

I groom all dogs from a Chihuahua, a Mountain dog, or a Great Dane. No dog is too small or too big. All dogs, regardless of size, need to be professionally groomed and I am happy to do it!

If your dog is a bit shy or timid, I will make sure that he or she is the only one in the salon, so that the grooming experience is a pleasant one. For the social dogs, I will book the appointment on one of the two days that my assistant is working.

Full Dog Groom

Grooming is such an important element in caring for your four-legged loved one. I will make sure that your dog is completely relaxed throughout the whole process.

If you have a dog with a timid demeanour, I will make sure there are no other dogs are around to intimidate your pet while it receives my loving attention. If you have a social dog, I will make sure that he or she has lots of playmates around on his or her special day of pampering!

I aim to provide your dog with the best experience possible – for your peace of mind and for my sense of fulfilment. I am an animal lover myself, so I know that dropping your beloved dog off at the groomers for the first time is similar to dropping off your children on the first day of school. My primary goal is to provide a safe environment for your precious pet while I pamper him or her!

Here is what you can expect from my full grooming service:

  • Nail clip
  • Ear Clean
  • Anal Glands Expressed
  • Sanitary and Pads Bladed Clean
  • Bath
  • Cut to Breed Standard – or your own style
  • Flea Bath if Required